WPC lock floor of a few kinds of color?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-29
The color of the indoor floor there has been a lot of kinds, but we seldom see, generally no matter where in the several floor color is seen, from the traditional to the fashion of gray, brown to warmth is tonal, those who are looking for wood or wood floor appearance can choose excellent palette. And, no matter what is your favorite color floor, can ensure that you have eternal, natural look and feel, can according to the way you want to improve the quality of the room. Whether you want to make bold bold or create classic warm room, the color of the wood floor will make a big difference. When you design the ideal layout that occupy the home, here are some bound to explore WPC lock floor color trend! Warm natural tonal current, warm, natural colors and shallow tonal caused a stir in the residential floor. What is love? Capture the fresh cut wood natural color appearance and delicate warm floor has good reason to move to the forefront. Homeowners like the fresh cut, the details of the ethereal warm and cold tonal, light ivory and powder soft grey WPC of the lock floor is easy to see them. You'll also see, tonal and putty has replaced black fillers knot, to provide more gentle, more natural look. In order to get the better effect of warm, you can choose to have tonal change wood style, sometimes even in a board at the same time provide a variety of natural and light. This kind of WPC lock floor use very much, especially the small door decoration, utilization rate is very high. Red and orange, although in recent years the traditional red and orange color of WPC lock floor is not popular color, but the color of the year 'live coral' choice will revive the colour choice. Popular natural color has joined the delicate orange in the warm color, this year's saturated WPC lock floor brown have turned to red. Obviously, this trend will continue to produce the effect of dazzling disorderly, gray system for a long time, has been a cold gray homeowners and interior designer of the neutral colors like, a lot of people like to use with business room or in the sitting room is used, recently, from earth dark charcoal to downy tonal it into the wood. Although the WPC lock floor market has seen palette toward the pure and fresh, warm color, gray is fashionable.
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