Workshop ground is too slippery?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-21
Workshop ground caused due to inadequate drainage water will cause the ground wet, ceramic tile of laid of some workshops such as surface hardness, flatness, high degree of finish of the product, if ignored the slip resistance, impact resistance and other functional requirements, will also be caused by ground friction is not wet. The ground is too slippery extremely easy to cause workshop workers safe hidden trouble, walk on the floor, ceramic tile, it is easy to slip under the influence of water, serious and even cause disability and loss of life. Common solution on the market there are generally two kinds, one kind is through besmear prevent slippery liquid or anti-skid paint, etc. , to clean up the place and the ground, Note: if the ground surface with wax, should be used to remove the wax wax water, wash again. ) Again the fluid coating antiskid, coating should be uniform, master level thickness and hydration time, such as a cracker dough should fill wet in time. After the test has the feeling of resistance. Clear water is rinsed clean. After the completion of the nonskid treatment, 1 - natural air 2 hours, if necessary, water wet, and then into use. There is a solution is directly reflected just laid on the surface of the concrete anti-slide PVC floor, workshop non-slip floor, compressive, wear-resisting has good skid resistance, prevent workers slip on the ground. Floor is easy to install, lower maintenance costs, clean and simple, more convenient than the first one extra besmear prevent slippery liquid products to save time.
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