Workshop forklift with what floor appropriate ground go?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-24
Industrial workshop of a large machine, and forklift forklift truck freight vehicles running back and forth on the ground, so the industry generally have excessive wear, paint off floor, the problem such as cracking up the shell, therefore does not affect the normal operation of a shop completed under the condition of surface modification is very important. Bearing industrial PVC floor construction with simple rapid, colorful, reusable characteristics such as strong mobility, can satisfy the requirement. Bearing industrial PVC floor has the following advantages: 1, beautiful color variety, such as wear resistance, bearing, overloading, the effect such as compressive strength, prevent hit, may withstand the forklift forklift rolling back and forth. 2, independent splicing, removable, easy installation and maintenance. Unique lock structure makes the replacement of the floor is very simple, if the floor is local damage, you just replace the damaged parts. 3, use new PVC environmental protection raw material to produce pure, can be quickly installed on any existing substrate, does not affect the normal production under the condition of implement rapid upgrade of the ground.
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