Workshop floor renovation old do?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-20
Shop floor is the manufacturing facility and production environment to use frequency is highest, and so is vulnerable to damage, due to the limitation of technology, many old ground material ( , such as epoxy floor paint, carborundum floor, terrazzo floor tile, cement floor, etc. ) Gradually exposed its shortcomings, there are different forms and degrees of aging, damage to a certain extent, so it needs to use the new material and do the refurbishment. Then the old workshop floor renovation renovation exactly how to do? The problems of the ground: 1, epoxy floor is widely used in electronic appliances, machinery, food, medicine, chemical, tobacco, feed, textile, clothing and other require corrosion resistance, smooth surface, adornment sex is strong, dustproof requirements of the industry. But epoxy ground wear resistance, compressive strength, flexural poor use 3 - Five years later will appear different degrees of peeling, blister, wear and tear, damage can only repair large area, repair cost is higher, affect the normal production. 2, emery old ground, and the cement ground is usually used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, textile, warehousing, logistics, supermarkets, public utilities and other industries can choose according to need this kind of ground. Using performance of ordinary wear-resisting floor raised floors, prolong the service life of the floor, has been recognized by many enterprises; But use after period of time, different levels of dust, foundry, empty drum phenomenon, use a few years later, under the action of forklift, the ground is still inevitably appear different degree of foundry, dusting, empty drum phenomenon, show the turtle grain, cracking, resistance to chemical corrosion permeability, expansion joint fracture crack easily, and after repair the effect not beautiful. As the growth of the use fixed number of year, and carbide, the action of water erosion and weathering, the floor surface will continue to pulverization, affect the normal use. 3, terrazzo floor tile ground and terrazzo ground and floor tile ground, can solve the problem of casting up dust, but the surface itself and the concrete base is stripping, in under the action of gravity, it is easy to cause the ground surface shell, empty drum, fracture, fall off phenomenon, not only influence the surface level off, clean, and with the use, damaged area will be more and more big, shorten the service life, and affect the normal use. Industrial workshop ground transformation affect the factory workshop production and operation: 1, because the factory assembly are high-grade equipment ground dust easily attached to or into the equipment inside, lead to equipment failure; Already so delay the production of the factory, which cause the order delay ( By the huge compensation) ; To spend a lot of money to repair equipment, for the company's loss is very big; 2, factory also piled up many raw materials and electronic components in the ground dust is also easy to attach on these materials and electronic components, thus will bring trouble to the production of product quality and, will appear bad product, will affect the company's brand image and cause huge economic loss; 3, as a production-oriented enterprise general customer ( Especially foreign) Or leader will visit to the workshop, understand production processes, condolences to employees; If the ground concave pit, everywhere is full of dust, a customer or leadership certainly are not satisfied, will make the company lost a lot of clients, thereby causing loss to the company directly. 4, if the shop on the ground do not handle the ground will have a lot of dust and concave pit, so factory related certification ( Such as ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO14000, etc. ) Cannot be through; 5, logistics forklift ground to walk the prominent groove, powder, dust, tire tracks, etc. , especially high rack warehouse uneven ground will cause cannot access to goods or the efficiency, at the same time reducing the life of a forklift, etc. ; Three, old floor renovation plan and materials: the following recommended product materials suitable for reconstruction of the unloading platform, old warehouse ground, workshop reconstruction of the ground, all the industrial workshop ground renovation process. Reflected in heavy industrial resistant PVC floor is the best value of any workshop floor on the market at present products! This kind of PVC floor than epoxy floor paint, wear resistant floors and a tradition has better compression wear-resisting properties, is a more durable new material industrial floor.
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