Workshop building ground floor potholes, craze, be parts to do, how to solve

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-22
Workshop building ground floor potholes, craze, be parts to do, how to solve? High-speed flow of industrialization of workshop in addition to bring huge economic benefits, also hit a shock resistant protective ground floor to the factory quality put forward unprecedented demands. Affected by knock against workshop floor glue the surface smooth, beautiful sex of whole. Embedded pits besmirch extremely difficult to clean up, greatly increase the cost of cleaning maintenance, also easy to attach more dust pollution. Workshop floor craze to hit mark often is irreparable, preventing anything-from not only, also easy to cause the floor of the large area of deeper damage, the threat to factory production. Reflected in industrial plant floor, committed to the protection of the factory floor, innovative high-tech PVC material plasticizing injection molding process, to ensure stability under complex loading logistics environment, even in the forklift recompacted or instantaneous weight drops is still unchanged, is your factory shock protection floor is superior choice. Reflected in molding production of high-strength PVC floor has excellent durability, fall protection industrial components and surface from being damaged. It has excellent impact resistance protection and ensure the shop floor from heavy components and equipment damage, ground surface is protected against damage and concrete problems such as broken up ash excellent solutions and choose. In every piece of the edge of the floor has a lock assembly type PVC floor design, combining two floors and convenient. Installed on the disassembly is convenient, in the late maintenance also do not need to spend a lot of manpower material resources. This kind of floor can use different color PVC industry partition on the ground, convenient zoning beautification industrial workshop ground at the same time. The introduction comes from ( China) Market:
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