Why use industrial PVC floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-28
Why now laying PVC factories are popular industrial floors? What are the advantages? In this paper, PVC industrial floor have what advantages, with the progress of science and technology, decorate building materials industry increasingly change, the emergence of some new materials to replace the past home installs building materials, its superior performance and low price, is to obtain the market access qualifications of rigid ticket. With the advantages of PVC industrial floor 1: green environmental protection in the production of PVC floor industry the main raw material is PVC, PVC is environmental protection non-toxic renewable resources, it has a lot of use in People's Daily life, such as tableware, medical iv bags, etc. , the environmental protection is don't need to worry about. 2: high flexibility and strong resistance of PVC industrial floor quality of a material soft elastic is very good, so under the impact of the weights have good elastic recovery, better quality of a material soft elastic coil floor, the foot feels comfortable is referred to as 'soft gold' ground material, PVC floor industry has a strong impact resistance at the same time, the heavy impact damage has a strong elastic recovery, not cause damage. Everyone should be experienced or seen some heavy things to hit on the regular floor tile, floor tile light out of print heavy was smashed, but PVC is different, not only will not be broken, and the same condition, is the ideal choice of the shop is stuck. And excellent PVC industrial floor can maximum limit to reduce the harm to human body, and to spread the impact on the foot. 3: super wear resistant PVC industrial floor surface has a special transparent wear-resisting layer by high-tech processing, special surface treatment of super wear-resisting layer fully guarantees the excellent wear resistance of the ground material, the floor wear-resisting layer on the surface of the PVC industry according to different thickness under normal circumstances can use 5 - 10 years, wear-resisting layer thickness and quality directly decides the use time of PVC industrial floor, standard test results show that the zero. The wear-resisting layer of 55 mm thick ground can use more than 5 years in normal circumstances, 0. The wear-resisting layer of 7 mm thick ground is enough to use more than 10 years, so it is super wear resistance. 4: super anti-slip PVC industrial floor surface wear-resisting layer has special skid resistance, and compared with common ground material, PVC floor industry in the case of glue water waste more acerbity feeling, more is not easy to, the more the water more astringent. And PVC industrial floor won't and can prevent the combustion; Plus PVC industrial floor has common ground material cannot be compared with the sound-absorbing effect, the sound-absorbing of 20 db, so you don't need for high heels with ground percussive sound affect your things, PVC industrial floor can provide you with more comfortable, more human living environment.
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