Why there are more and more people choose PVC floor?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-26
PVC floor construction? Although there is news of PVC floor is a new type of light body ground adornment material, is also very widely used, such as families, schools, hospitals and other large public places. Because these large sites, if all use or solid mu fu joins a floor board of real wood floor, must not use the ratio of PVC floor is high, so the PVC floor to attract more and more people. So, specific how to construction of PVC floor? First, the PVC floor construction condition of room temperature. Requirements in the construction, the indoor temperature must be kept in between 15 and 25 degrees. And ensure that water and electricity can be normal use, also have the required electrical leakage protection. Before the construction of the ground at the grass-roots level must meet the requirements of national standard: smooth, dry, clean and dense, hard, and no grease and other impurities. Step, PVC floor construction ground base treatment before. With floor polishing machine polishing for laying the ground, will clean up some of floor surface impurities, for some bumps, osteoporosis, and the ground of the empty drum must be removed. And then polished to produce the dust cleared debris, and repair of cracks, in order to ensure that self-leveling cement and grassroots perfect union. The second step, self-leveling leveling process. Self-leveling construction operation is needed in the painted is completely dry, in the absence of effusion. Self-leveling construction to ensure self-leveling cement mix, so using professional mixer to stir, and grasp the proportion of water and cement. Three steps, PVC floor laying. Before laying laid material placed more than 24 hours, is a good way to reduce the color difference of different batch material. Therefore, when placed in the same batch, same color PVC flooring put together, will not appear when convenient laying relatively clear off color problem, affect the overall effect. The processing of four steps, the joint. Construction must be laid on the floor after 24 hours, after the glue solidified completely to slot and welding processing. Pay attention to the depth of the slot is about two-thirds the thickness of the floor, and slotted place can't gone, before welding groove must remove dust and debris, so as to guarantee the practicability of PVC floor.
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