Why the SPC lock floor wear-resisting performance how so good?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-22
Many families know with wooden floor, wooden floor is easy to scratch the surface, even the soles, small particles are easy to leave scratches in the wood floor surface. Wood floor is in use for a period of time later they become warped and mottled surface more let a person cannot bear to intuitive, so a lot of people are looking forward to have a super wear-resistant floor, superior wear resistance and SPC lock floor is catered to this. Today we will learn about the SPC why lock floor wear-resisting. A, first from the SPC lock floor structure, uv layer: this layer decided the fouling resistance of the floor color and protecting film layer ( Uv light color) The ability of the responsible factory process will be matured for at least two uv; Wear-resisting layer: basically decided on our floor service life, it is also the most critical decision floor wear-resisting degree layer, thickness is in commonly 0. 3 mm to 0. 7毫米; Color film: it is that we can directly see the floor of the decorative pattern, design and color; SPC base material: it is the mixture of polyvinyl chloride, calcium powder; Optional additional layer: its main role is to increase the sound insulation effect, the foot feels comfortable. SPC lock floor not only increased the wear-resisting layer, special uv layer can partly to protect the floor, increase the service life of the floor. Two, and then from the SPC of the lock floor production process, SPC is the main raw material of PVC resin, calcium powder, and mixed by the extruder combined with T die extrusion SPC base material, with three or four roll calender roller are PVC, PVC color wear-resisting layer film and SPC base material, the disposable heating laminating, embossing and become, is the product does not use glue. SPC floor look from the raw material will be stronger than woodiness material wear-resisting, a molding process were also increased the stability of floor structure. Third, seen from the customer's feedback for many years, the SPC of the floor wear-resisting degree received unanimous approval and favorable comment of customer. The SPC of the lock floor super wear resistance, makes SPC floor to floor wear-resisting schools, shopping malls and other places high degree requirements of the floor.
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