Why so much for industrial PVC floor?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-29
For update factory ground, often choose epoxy floor, diamond, cement, etc. , industry as a new type of ground material PVC floor, because process is different, the price is more expensive, reflected the molding like everyone on the today explain why. 1 in the first place in terms of material adopt new environmental protection material PVC floor, formaldehyde-free, no harmful materials, reflected in industrial PVC floor all new materials were used. The thickness of the Pvc floor wear-resisting determines its quality and use of time, 7 mm can use more than 10 years. 3. PVC floor with high elasticity, so others called & other; Elastic floor used in factory workshop, went up also not tired, even if the weight break down, will not cause damage to the 4. Can repeat move, do not affect the normal production and operation. 5. Compared with common ground material, super anti-slip PVC floor, the water the acerbity, and pollution prevention, for industrial workshop, 6 is also important to prevent oil pollution. Compared with epoxy floor paint, mirror of industry of PVC floor moistureproof, flame retardant, epoxy floor be affected with damp be affected with damp is easy to fall off, and the ground is very slippery, bad maintenance more troublesome, and not resistant to high temperature above is provided by the product can be consulting reflected just for details
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