Why more and more factory floor select industrial PVC plastic floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-26
For the south, the air humidity is big, lead to some workshop get damp, oil, and PVC plastic floor is the most appropriate choice. Today we give you analyze why is this? Is the most traditional workshop floor before cement, epoxy floor, terrazzo, etc. , and now reflected on the PVC floor is more popular with the factory. 1. Epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor faults: vulnerable to moisture, rupture, fall off, scratch resistance, high temperature resistant performance is poor, for factory workshop, a lot of hard object, different types of plants, high temperature and humidity are necessary, thus result in epoxy floor must be selectively choose factory, to ensure the normal use. 2 concrete factories to the ground all the year round to endure heavy machinery and equipment, and often need to walk a forklift or mobile, ordinary cement concrete use after a period of time, under the action of gravity, the ground will appear different degree of foundry, dusting, with continued use, will continue to pulverization, dust affects the normal use of workshop machines and operation, more serious affect the use of machinery and equipment. 3. Terrazzo floor surface is bright and clean, good hardness. But smooth needs regular maintenance for a long time, once the workshop water seepage or other material into the outside world, the ground will change, and not resistant to dirt. Reflected in workshop special plastic floor is mostly service factory workshop ground, renovate or concrete, and the epoxy floor, terrazzo floor appear problem, and so on, making workshop surface can't normal use, because the hit just dedicated compressive plastic floor, wear-resistant, moisture-proof and waterproof, oil resistance, weathering resistance, easy to clean, to factories to a clean, dust-free, ageing resistance, the ground of the low cost by comparison, will understand why factory workshop ground material is the special plastic floor workshop.
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