Why do you like lay SPC floor library

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-01
SPC waterproof floor, PVC and stone powder as raw materials, have special non-slip surface wear-resisting layer, increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance and service life of more than 20 years. Suitable for all kinds of sports venues and commercial places. Now reflected on SPC waterproof floor is also very common in the library! 1. The flame retardancy of the floor to provide fire prevention security books for the library is a library of & other; Leading role, and composition of the book of thin paper, easy to burn, be affected with damp be affected with damp, so high to the requirement of fire protection moistureproof library. The library a quarter the size of the floor space, whether fire moistureproof performance quality is very important. Reflected in the SPC waterproof floor fire index of B1 level, flame retardant in itself. At the same time, this kind of floor waterproof and moistureproof, even in the rainy season in the south, also don't have to worry about elegant is mixed with mildew. 2. Safety non-slip give readers a better care for the old man and the child was a frequent visitor to the library. Children lively good move, action is slow, to prevent they knock against fall safety accidents, the floor of the library for non-slip, flexible in order to reduce the old children accidental injuries. Reflected in PVC floor surface treated with uv, prevent slippery performance enhancements, walking will not easily fall on it. The floor of the soft can absorb impact fatigue, relieve knee. The child, the old man walking walking are also free to choose favorite book, absorb nutrition knowledge library can be a family. 3. High wear resistance ensure a longer service life library belongs to the public space of high traffic, on the ground activity is very frequent, especially children read area, keep running through the children's play ground pressure. As a result, the ground of the library need to material selects high wear-resisting coefficient. Reflected in SPC waterproof floor surface with a layer of a special transparent wear-resisting layer by high-tech processing, the wear-resisting revolution of 20000, the wear-resisting layer of special surface treatment to fully ensure the ground material excellent wear resistance, high traffic public space quality ground material.
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