Why do we give up the PVC floor tile and more willing to choose?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-25
PVC flooring is widely used in sports venues, kindergartens, hospitals and other places of business, even in an outfit is also a breakthrough in the field of application. And PVC floor tile as previous ones, such as floor of wooden have what different, why do we more and more willing to choose the PVC floor? 1. Only 1 light weight PVC floor. 6 mm to 9 mm thick, weighs only 2 to 7 kg per square metre. It bearing in building has the incomparable superiority and save space, can also be spread in the original old floor above, the thickness of thin, light quality, this is one of the strengths of the PVC floor is very significant. 2. Strong wear-resisting PVC floor surface with a layer of through special processing of wear-resisting layer, guarantee the excellent wear resistance of floor materials. Under the condition of normal use, 0. The wear-resisting layer of 35 mm thick floor can use more than 5 years, 0. 5 mm thick the wear-resisting layer of floor can use more than 10 years. 3. Prevent slippery wear-resisting layer on the surface of the PVC floor has a special non-slip performance. Compared with ordinary floor materials, this kind of floor have more astringent foot feeling, it is not easy to slip. 4. Fire retardant PVC floor itself does not burn, qualified PVC floor fire index can achieve B1 level, that is to say, the fire prevention performance is very excellent, second only to B0 level stone material. 5. Waterproof PVC floor is mainly composed of vinyl resin, so afraid of water, as long as you don't soak for a long time, will not damage or moldy because of the high humidity. Itself has a good waterproof moisture resistance. It is important to note that although the PVC floor construction difficulty is low, but when the shop installs to the flatness requirement of the ground is very high, in the construction can be in strict accordance with the standard process to do, is particularly important.
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