Why can be used for indoor waterproof WPC floor?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-30
PVC floor in recent years the situation of steady growth in foreign trade export, in addition to the traditional plastic flooring, the amount and proportion of WPC waterproof floor is growing. Install in the market in foreign countries, WPC alternatives to traditional floor waterproof floor, has become a new trend, especially now that more and more attention to environmental protection and resource recycling of today. WPC wood plastic floor by the thickening of wear-resisting layer, UV layer, color film texture layer, base material layer is formed. The European and American countries call this kind of floor for RVP ( 刚性塑料板材) Rigid plastic floor. The base material of wood powder and thermoplastic polymer material in the mix then through high heat extrusion composite plate, performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, concurrently at the same time to ensure the strength and toughness of the floor. WPC of the wood powder and PVC waterproof floor is made of environmental protection of raw materials, wood powder is crushed into a powder, wood, fiber materials PVC belong to synthetic materials, materials are not destroy the natural environment. WPC waterproof floor in the process of production need not glue, so do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, is a true zero formaldehyde floor of green environmental protection. WPC waterproof floor has a special color printing film layer, namely the floor by gravure printing design and color printing on the PVC film. SPC is the plasticity of the floor is very strong, can through the press roller can have decorative pattern, realistic wood grain texture on the floor surface pressure. High definition printing color film, plus the floor surface texture, waterproof WPC floor imitation wood and stone, carpet, there are extremely lifelike appearance and texture. Waterproof non-slip is WPC floor is a big advantage. The material and water affinity of the floor, PVC this material also is often used to make waterproof material. WPC floor of waterproof performance basically equivalent to lay a layer of waterproof material on the ground, can not only cut off the bottom of the moisture, and can prevent the water infiltration, can effectively inhibit bacterial breeding. In addition, the SPC floor of this material in water will become more astringent. Just off the ground, the ground residual water, instead more is not easy to slip.
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