Why are preschool institutions like use the PVC plastic floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-03
Commonly used at present preschool education organizations is PVC plastic floor, the floor has many advantages, it can not only apply to the kindergarten, the same is also worthy of families with children when decorating to consider. So today let us let us know why early childhood education in PVC plastic floor? The advantages of PVC floor relative to other floor is the raw material of high degree of environmental protection, its do not contain any radiation and no formaldehyde, benzene, etc. In addition, some big brands will be in bacteriostatic agent added specially in the raw materials. Bacteriostatic agent can effectively bay escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus yellow is the damage to infant health, high antibacterial rate reached more than 99%, more than two to three times higher than similar products. Also has carried on the special UV layer handles, antibacterial, antistatic, anti-fouling, vacuuming, surface cleaning extremely easily, not will not become any pollutant accumulation of pollution sources, children even above prostrate, skin touch with the ground, parents and kindergarten teachers also need not worry too much. In addition, PVC floor non-slip, shock absorption. New research data show that in the space of foot traffic pavement after excellent PVC floor, the ratio of its personnel fall and hurt than other floor falling nearly 70%. Children's class of PVC plastic floor chosen is foaming buffer layer planning, the foot feels comfortable, greater level of cushioning the impact of the children in the takeoff landing, sufficient to maintain the child's ankle, knee and other parts of the body. Try a phone in this kind of children on the floor, not struggling, children is on the floor to run up and climb the surface, even accidentally hitting just some pain, but it won't hurt.
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