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Why are more and more people using SPC locking floor?

Why are more and more people using SPC locking floor?


First of all, we should know what SPC locking floor is and what differences it compares with other floors. SPC is stone plastic composite for short. As its name implies, SPC is a stone plastic composite locking floor. Because it is stone plastic floor, the raw materials is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), calcium carbonate (natural stone), PVC decorative film and PVC polymer wear-resisting layer. It is a compound of these materials through scientific formula and multiple advanced technology. The production process does not use a drop of glue. No formaldehyde releases. PVC and stone are internationally recognized as environmental protection materials and natural materials completely complying with international environmental requirements.


1. What are the differences between SPC locking floor and wooden floor?

SPC locking floor surface is through anti - pollution UV treatment has exquisite texture and diversified color. The floor is waterproof, moisture-resisting, mildew-proof, wear resistant, skid resistant, environmental, sound absorbing, flame retardant(B1), anti-fouling, light, firm, and reusable. Especially because of no formaldehyde, you can immediately move into new home, do not need ventilation to reduce formaldehyde. The disadvantage is that it has slightly higher requirements for ground. 

Wood grain floor is natural and exquisite. However, in compound floor production process it uses glue and it is very hard to release no formaldehyde. Waterproofing and mildew resistance is poor. When touching water and moisture, it is easy to appear bloating and mould and more easily to breed termites. Floor surface after spraying paint leads to slip. In addition, the mute function is poor. There is noise when walking on the floor compared with SPC locking floor.


2. What are the differences between SPC locking floor and ceramic tile?

Because the main material and surface layer of SPC floor is PVC material, it has excellent antiskid property. PVC decorative layer after computer printing, it has vivid and diversified design and color. There are wood grain, rock grain, carpet grain and cloth grain series, even you can customize pattern. SPC floor has light weight, good heat retaining property, easy installation.

Ceramic tile is more than SPC locking floor, but design and color are simple. Common ceramic tile does not have slip-resistant function, and in winter it is cold and easy to lose heat.

Perhaps you know some about SPC locking floor. We know there are so many advantages. So why not consider SPC locking floor in home decoration?

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