What should industrial PVC lock floor installation

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-20
After a lot of factory workshop for the PVC flooring industry often ask how to install, the hit just break down with you about today. PVC lock floor, is a unique connection technology between floor and floor. Lock PVC floor, convenient installation, a & other; To the close, is perfect. When installation, can not glue and easy to use many times; Can also be a small amount of glue, the double protective floor moistureproof and connect more. Lock plastic before installation on the ground floor requirements: must have already completed the leveling work. The ground roughness: 1 m long slope is less than 3 mm. The ground must be completely dry, curing, smooth and clean. The installation of PVC lock floor on the ground type requirements: cement or tile floor. The floor can be installed on the floor of the existing, such as wood flooring, flax floor, PVC floor tile, etc. PVC lock floor installation construction tools: a tape measure, cutting machine, hammer knock, blocks, glass glue. PVC plastic lock floor installation process: 1, starting from the corner shop. Will the board is the side of the tongue against the wall, the wall and keep 10 mm clearance between board short side. 2, will be the next board and the board of the short edge alignment Angle. Will the board forcibly pushed forward laid on the ground at the same time. To complete the installation of the first row in the same way. Above the lock floor is PVC, consult reflected in more product knowledge.
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