What shop floor are not forklift, logistics car crush?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-19
What shop floor are not forklift, logistics car crush? Industrial workshop floor often walk hydraulic forklift, logistics car and handling of goods, for workshop floor if the compressive strength, abrasion resistance, strength and hardness is not strong, forklifts and other workshop ground will be logistics car crush, a shell, empty drum, fracture, fall off, such as large surface area that damage damage phenomenon. For workshop floor are not logistics car crush? What is a good floor specialized go ground with forklift? Reflected in the workshop PVC floor bearing solved the problem of the forklift truck rolling friction and logistics car, at the same time can improve the decoration of the ground, as far as possible to achieve the effect of durable, beautiful. Solve the floor wear-resisting and under heavy load vehicles rolling at the same time, prevent slippery moistureproof and dustproof, etc. These problems were solved. Shop at a time, long use, maintenance is simple than you think, long-term down more can save the cost.
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