what’s the best kitchen flooring for you?

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Ivan Stevanovic/iStockHomeowners love to indulge in every inch of the land in the kitchen, from the tailgate to the submarineZero fridge.
However, a home improvement that you should think more carefully about is at your feet: the floor.
What is the best kitchen floor in your home?
In fact, there are many types and types of kitchen floors, each with its own unique advantages, disadvantages and costs.
A wide variety of floor options can be overwhelming, so we\'re here to help break it down into digestible information
So you will know which floor is the best for you.
Let\'s go to the kitchen!
One of the cheapest options (
$2 to $7 per square foot)
Alexander Luger, an architectural expert at 911 Restoration, said this one is suitable for quick and easy updates.
It is easy to install and replace if part is damaged, and it is popular due to various styles and colors to choose from. The downside?
Hillary Nadelman Matt of Michelle Gerson Interior Design in New York notes that it is easy to sink and cannot be polished like hardwood floors.
If you want to eventually sell your house and get a good return on investment, laminate is not a good option as it will not significantly increase the value of your house.
Photos of Shaw FloorsVinylSimilar in terms of appearance and price (
$2 to $7 per square foot)
, Vinyl easy to clean and place-
This is a great choice if you are DIY type.
Victoria Stepanov, New York\'s chief designer, said it would last a long time if installed properly
Based on a solid sense of space.
There are countless options to consider, including options that look like stones, wood or colored tiles.
Stephan Sardone, a home remodeling expert, says it has a soft foot that enhances sound insulation.
The main problem is that this floor may contain PVC or PVC related to cancer.
Nevertheless, since 2010, many manufacturers have restricted the use of PVC to levels considered safe
The impact on health is still unclear.
Photo of the Roundhouse creteif if you are looking for a tough, cheap floor (
$2 to $8 per square foot)
Consider it specifically
This floor is more common in today\'s design world, especially in the kitchen.
From wood to stone, it can form almost anything that is not naturally found.
\"This gives it a range of visual looks that make it very attractive to the kitchen,\" said notesRuggie.
As for the disadvantages, the concrete is cold and hard on the feet and can be very porous if the seal is not good.
Photos of Feynman company
Whether it\'s porcelain, natural stone, glazed ceramic or concrete, this option is always a good one from a durability point of view
View design options.
\"The tile floor has been popular for decades, from very traditional to ultra-modern, it offers simple maintenance and many aesthetic options,\" said SaysStepanov . \".
There may be a big change in cost (
$5 to $50 or more per square foot)
Depending on the material and design.
But, unless the tiles are harder than the tiles themselves, there won\'t be much that will damage the tiles, so be aware of the cast iron flowerpots that fall: \"Other than that, the tile floor will be longer than the house.
\"Of all types of porcelain, porcelain is by far the most resilient and easy to maintain.
\"You just need to be careful with the highly polished finish and the surface is very smooth even if it is dry,\" Stepanov notes . \". The fix?
Amatte or semi-polished coating will reduce taxiing.
Another consideration is grouting.
\"It can be moldy, discolored, or flavored as the temperature changes, while shrinking and expanding,\" she notes . \".
One way to solve this problem is to use a grouting material made of quartz or glass.
Photos taken by Barbara Page received the best return on investment and hardwood received the award.
This is the most expensive (
Up to $30 or more per square foot)
But it\'s almost always a potential buyer.
The wood floor is really durable and can be dyed and refurbished to change the look.
Not only does it have the highest return on investment, but it looks great everywhere and is well dressed, and it will not be more likely to be replaced than tiles in the event of a big flood.
Hardwood floors are much easier on the chef\'s back due to their relative softness.
\"If you choose this option, be sure to select a closed-
Fine-hole wood such as oak or mahogany, although walnuts can also work, \"noted Stepanov.
Durable polyurethane is recommended as the final coating.
Scratches are inevitable shortcomings.
Hardwood floors are also sensitive to water and moisture, so spills need to be cleaned up quickly.
Real estate agent Ryan Fitzgerald explains that you can also consider an engineered hardwood floor, which is the best part of the mix of laminate and Wood®Raleigh residence in North Carolina.
The top layer consists of hard wood skins, while the core is usually high
Density cardboard or plywood.
Engineered hardwood floors are less expensive and more resistant to heat and moisture than real deals, and since homeowners love the look and feel, ROIseems will be bigger.
\"Due to durability, some people actually prefer it rather than natural hard wood,\" said Fitzgerald . \".
What is the best kitchen floor that Masons construction and remodelerthe post offer you?
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