What is the SPC floor? Why are spread abroad the SPC floors?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-02
Bridal chamber decorates some families all shop floor on the ground, but the time is long, floor of wood of easy deformation, become warped edge, not waterproof. Mainly reflected in the SPC floor with stone powder and perlite as raw material, made up of three layer ABA co-extrusion. Zero formaldehyde, not deformation, not inflation, not to mention the late maintenance maintenance, at the bottom of the sound insulation layer, sound insulation effect is very good also. Reflected in SPC in the process of production floor need not glue, so do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, real zero formaldehyde floor of green environmental protection, won't cause harm to human body. Reflected in SPC floor natural fear of water, don't have to worry about home floor deformation due to blister, moldy. Waterproof, mouldproof effect is very good, so the bathroom, kitchen, balcony can be used. Reflected in the SPC floor has good flexibility, can be repeated bending, also need not worry about fall in pain, very suitable for families with children, older people. Reflected in the SPC floor after meet water will be very & other; Shibuya, that is, the friction will be big, non-slip performance is very good. Its wear resistance is very high also, use steel wire ball rub back and forth on the floor, also won't have any scratches, the service life of 20 years. Reflected in the SPC floor is very thin, is 10% of the common ground material, can effectively save space height, reduce the bearing force of the building. Reflected in SPC floor met the fire also don't have to worry about, because of its flame retardant effect is very good also. Reflected in SPC floor decoration market in abroad is very popular, because it is very suitable for home ground.
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