What is the difference between mirror just plastic floor and plastic flooring?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-04
1. What is the plastic flooring plastic flooring? Plastic flooring is called coil floor again, it is one of the indispensable ground adornment of contemporary bedroom decorate material, before 96, plastic flooring is a kind of medium quality and price of products, thickness in 1. More than 5 mm, wear-resisting layer in 0. More than 1 mm, half is USES the glass or double priming with good flatness. Plastic flooring also called plastic plastic flooring, also called soft floor, based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, add the appropriate additives, in continuous base flake coating or rolling process such as the floor of the coil. 2. Plastic floor main material for PVC plastic floor, Polyvinyl chloride) Resin, points are mainly from the structure of multilayer composite and homogeneous transparent heart-shaped three and half a homogeneous size. The multilayer composite PVC floor means it has a multilayer structure, usually by 4 - 6 layer structure overlying, specific for: wear-resisting layer ( Including UV processing) , printing film, glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, ground pressure, at the grass-roots level, etc. Through special processing, the different structure, make it has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, quality stability, anti-aging, antibacterial, mute, wear-resisting, fire retardant, etc. Plastic floor characteristics as follows: plastic flooring use this two materials because the shop is very simple and cheap, was all the rage in a few years ago. But as a result of floor tile of the emergence of newer and compound wood floor, plastic flooring has been as good as they used to be. Now choose for temporary hire more and use the person of the house, but it doesn't mean plastic flooring has come to an end: a new type of plastic flooring has appeared, it has a similar to the pattern of marble and granite, color is more varied, simple sense is stronger than the traditional plastic flooring, but it's more than one hundred yuan per square meter price is not so 'accessible', so the family is decorated in selection is not a lot. Widely used: due to plastic floor brand products unique materials and super performance, plus the shop is convenient, quick construction, reasonable price, high security, is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports, entertainment place, shopping plaza, restaurants, hotels and other public places and personal family.
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