What is the cause of PVC drum arch since the floor?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-07
1. Wet bubble water (1) plastic floor due to improper use, kitchen or bathroom faucet run or heating water, make the plastic floor bubble water time is too long, plastic floor glue emulsion metamorphism, so the glue, there is no proper role, so only hog. (2) the continuous wet weather, high relative humidity in the air, not adopt measures to platoon is wet, moisture in the air after being absorbed by plastic floor hygroscopic expansion. (3) the house empty for a long time, without inhabitant, poor ventilation, paint layer after the evaporation of hygroscopic and expansion of nowhere to send out after being absorbed by plastic floor. (4) primary coagulation and the moisture content is exorbitant, moisture-proof insulation was not sealed and hygroscopic expansion. 2. Telescopic album didn't leave expansion joints or too narrow. Plastic floor laid, the shop is to rely on a wall, should be 2 cm gap as expansion joint, then cover with a stick baseboard, some owners in order to clean the plastic floor shop when there is no required between adjacent reserved expansion joint, or laying workers put the sewing stay fine as far as possible, that will also make PVC plastic floor is unable to extend, in moist air after hygroscopic expansion easily arch, even being cracked. 3. Improper drying adhesive time different types of glue, the floor of the different material, different at the grass-roots level, the different construction environment, dry gel time vastly different. At this time have experienced professional artisans are needed to make a correct judgment. If dry gel time is too short, can produce the many small bulge immediately after floor laid; If dry gel time is too long, the glue bond is reduced, also produces beat phenomenon. No matter how good the quality of the floor, and the good is inseparable from the grassroots, construction environment, high quality auxiliary material, and good construction team. Can use other materials to make up for bad at the grassroots level construction environment is bad master to overcome, auxiliary material use, or bad, is the construction problem, difficult to guarantee the engineering quality.
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