What does the ground spread school gym floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-05
With the continuous improvement of people's health consciousness, more and more people to join the fitness of the team, and the gym has become people's favor. But a lot of people in the movement after the knee pain, foot pain and other symptoms, this is because the gym floor damping effect is not good. Good gym PVC floor demand according to the wear resistance, strong impact resistance, stable performance, good elasticity, green environmental protection, waterproof non-slip, etc. Reflected on the gym floor PVC floor has not become warped, no crack, not afraid of water features, easy cleaning, shop is convenient, easy to maintenance etc, and different from ordinary sports flooring products currently in use, are widely used in the stadium, gymnasium, school sports venues. Safety and environmental protection. PVC floor with formaldehyde-free. Wear-resisting, durable, wear-resisting layer, UV processing layer, has the very strong wear-resisting performance. Life for more than 25 years. Non-slip, fire flame retardant: fire retardant performance is good, non-slip performance is good, not sliding, the foot feels very comfortable, the more the water, the slippery. Rich color pattern: a realistic imitation wood grain, carpet, marble texture features, and other art lines, etc. These rich design can very good adornment effect, give a person a good visual perception. Please consult the hit just more school gym floor
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