What are the ground material is best for auto repair shop?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-04
Auto repair shop of traditional ground is made of epoxy mortar floor, floor is easy to wear and tear, the car repair shop floor oiled is a long-standing old problem, once immersed in the oil cannot be cleaned on the ground, and over time the ground will become dirty, also easy to skid, car repair shop vehicles and personnel are more coming and going, and how to deal with these problems on the ground and how to clean the ground pollution are troubling problem, so looking for a new type of antiskid the ground material with good abrasion resistance and cleanup is the only way out for us. Marble material cost is high, again also does not prevent slippery, if choose terrazzo decorate material, it is easy to oiled with a period of time, cause the entire look dirty and untidy workshop, then car repair shop shop what material it is recommended to use better reflected the industrial PVC floor maintenance on the shop floor, convenient auto repair shop floor cleaning maintenance, wear resistance, compressive strength, prevent slippery, prevent oil immersion, long service life, etc. , laying and mobile convenience, normal maintenance work, does not affect the workshop to solve various problems of workshop. Consult the hit just for more details
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