What are the advantages of super floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-23
What advantage environmental protection waterproof SPC floor wear-resisting, detailed introduce for everyone today. Zero formaldehyde super floor is made of quartz powder and organic fiber raw materials, such as, all is environmental protection non-toxic renewable resources, non-toxic, no radiation. And USES the hot melt extrusion process, from raw materials to production process to achieve zero formaldehyde. Waterproof performance reflected on the floor main component consists of wear-resisting layer, rock powder and organic fiber, so the natural fear of water, also won't because of high humidity and mildew or deformation due to temperature changes. Surface layer of epoxy resin special craft processing at the same time, the wind and rain all not afraid of the floor more can be used for balcony, kitchen, toilet. Non-slip performance has a unique non-slip performance, after the water won't skid, but more friction, very suitable for large public places. Natural fire performance can do from fire, fire prevention level achieve B1 level, make the kitchen can be at ease use. The foot feels comfortable wear-resisting surface treated by UV epoxy resin process, and flexible springback technology layer after hot melt extrusion process, stronger sense of retainer, can play a full buffer foot shock. Ensure that the foot feels comfortable, very suitable for use with the elderly and children. It solved the walking on the hard floor, the foot feels bad, and for a long time will be pain and injury problems with bone. Super sound-absorbing wear-resisting floor surface after UV process of epoxy resin, and flexible springback technology layer after hot melt extrusion, the super floor has common ground material can't compare with sound-absorbing effect, can make full play of sound-absorbing, sound insulation function, can reduce 20 decibels of noise, noise pollution problems are solved. By UV process of epoxy wear-resisting surface layer, wear-resisting degree is twice as common aggrandizement floor wear-resisting degree, make the floor super wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation, reusable. Apply geothermal super floor due to the strong waterproof, thermal stability, especially suitable for geothermal environment. After reaching a certain temperature, the super floor heat evenly, can not only ensure the floor durable, saving energy and reducing consumption, at the same time also can ensure the release of any harmful substances. Adornment sex is strong super floor selection of breed of design and color is various, such as simulation of wood grain, stone grain, grain is clear not only beautiful, brilliant color is rich, and easy to install, can fully meet the high-end designers and personalized needs of different users, different decoration style. Quick installation super floor installation fast and convenient, without using cement mortar, can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, maintenance free, not afraid of water, oil, dilute acid, alkali and other chemical erosion, general clean with wet mop, save time and effort. After installation without waxing, just general daily maintenance can be bright and clean like new. The floor, the office floor, fire prevention, waterproof floor environmental protection floor SPC wear-resisting floor more super consult reflected on the floor
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