What are the advantages of SPC floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-27
The advantages of SPC floor: 1, the SPC of green environmental protection floor of the main raw material is PVC, PVC is environmental protection non-toxic renewable resources, it has a lot of use in People's Daily life, such as tableware, medical iv bags, etc. , the environmental protection is don't need to worry about. SPC (floor Sheet) Main component is a natural stone powder, by the national authoritative department detection does not contain any radioactive elements, but also the new ground decorative materials of green environmental protection. 2 ultrathin, super light SPC has three floor. 2mm— 12 mm thickness, the weight of every square metre only 2 & ndash; 7. 5 kg, less than 10% of the common ground material, in the high-rise building to the building load and space saving, has the incomparable advantage. At the same time in the secondary decoration, the transformation has a special advantage. 3, super wear resistant SPC floor surface with a layer of the high-tech processing a special transparent wear-resisting layer, wear-resisting revolution is up to 8000 turn above. In the traditional ground material is more wear-resisting the wear-resisting of aggrandizement wood floor is only 800 - 4000 RPM. Extension information: the name easy to arouse people's misunderstanding, SPC floor SPC floor is one of the PVC floor types, thought of PVC floor, more thought is plastic, a lot of people will confuse the PVC floor and PVC tube plastic containing toxic substances harmful to human body. But the SPC and plastic floor not matter at all, the SPC in floor production process need not glue, do not contain formaldehyde, benzene, toxic substances such as no radiation, belongs to the green environmental protection decoration materials, will not cause harm to human body. SPC floor is the ground material economy, consumers can enjoy the simple sense of wood or stone in use, at the same time not plagued by the noise. According to the requirements of consumers for sound insulation, can choose a piece of wood, sheet or coil.
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