What are the advantages of SPC floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-24
Reflected in the SPC lock waterproof specifications 1220 * 183 * 4 floor installation lock connection reflected just six of the advantages of SPC lock floor is super waterproof, prevent slippery, super flexible, ultra-quiet, super durable, super fire six big performance. The main characteristic of the SPC in stone floor. 1, no formaldehyde floor mainly, the source of the formaldehyde glue, floor installation need to use glue, compound floor is with glue together, so the problem of formaldehyde has been avoided. SPC floor are able to achieve zero formaldehyde, because its material and structure. SPC floor structure is composed of: PUR crystal shield transparent layer wear-resisting layer, rich in color, pure PVC membrane layer, SPC polymer base material layer, soft mute the springback. Floor base material is mineral rock powder, perlite powder mixing and let stand for 30 days in the air, natural mix, heightening the molecular resin blend, inspire molecular viscosity mineral inherent in its material, like cement and flour, need not use glue, then through Germany imported high temperature hot pressing, high precision equipment to form stable base material layer. 2, waterproof, fire prevention, no deformation, no bubbles, no mildew. SPC is mentioned above the floor was mostly composed of wear-resisting layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder and so on, natural is not afraid of water, so you don't have to worry about the floor of the house one bubble deformation will blister, or because of high humidity and mildew, or because of temperature change and deformation. Bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony. SPC floor material is a natural flame retardant, fire prevention level has reached the B1 level, so now a lot of public space use SPC floor it is for this reason, afraid of fire because of aggrandizement wood floor and carpet. 3, non-slip, flexibility, the foot feels good SPC floor surface is after the PUR crystal shield special craft processing, surface heat preservation performance is good, walk to won't be cold, the foot feels more comfortable. Floor base material is joined the flexible springback technology layer, resilience can have very good flexibility, can be repeated bending 90 degrees is no problem, you can rest assured on it to play, without fear of pain. Surface materials, unique technology, and prevent slippery design, makes the hit just SPC floor after meet water & other; More astringent, friction force will become bigger. So no matter what to wear shoes, can do very good skid resistance. 4, wear-resisting, long service life, general good brand aggrandizement floor, wear-resisting revolution is around 6000 RPM. Reflected in the SPC floor wear-resisting revolution can reach 20000 RPM, even higher. Our normal kitchen wire ball holding power is very big, including its friction is very big, can use steel wire ball back and forth in the hit just above the floor directly, you will find that the whole floor is don't see any scratches on the surface, including the grain surface is still very clear. It has wear-resisting performance, shock proof, and not easy deformation, the service life of up to more than 25 years. 5 quick, easy installation, SPC floor in a foreign country, are all go to the supermarket to buy back their DIY installation. On both sides of its lock type USES the international patent, bayonet alignment, buckle together, installation is very convenient. The ground don't have to do special processing, can be installed directly after leveling/self-leveling. In addition, it can be directly on the original tiles, floor directly to the shop, don't have to knock off the old ceramic tile, very suitable for renovation renovation. 6, adapter floor heating, heat preservation and heat insulation its rock powder base material layer is like mineral rock, has good properties of thermal conductivity and thermal stability, very suitable for the floor heating, after reaching a certain temperature, heat evenly. The combination of base material had flexible springback layer, surface wear-resisting layer can realize effective heat preservation. SPC floor itself does not contain formaldehyde and harmful substances, they will not release harmful gas formaldehyde and heated.
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