Update the floor s come, take a look at the latest super floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-17
We are looking forward to living space is beautiful and design, and the floor is also an important link of the environment, let the family live more secure. Reflected on the floor in the dark era of science and technology - - - - - - - A new super floor, the floor of the new update. Reflection of SPC is a kind of wear-resisting flooring, floor of wear-resisting revolution of 20000, the key is zero - formaldehyde, not afraid of water, flame retardant, this is the floor need good qualities, just did it. Reflected in SPC environmental protection waterproof floor, mute at the surface of the layer, moistureproof noise reduction, moment for the sake of home life, the ABA three layer for extrusion structure, adding carbon, increase the use fixed number of year of the floor, three-dimensional texture, new bid farewell to the forest, but more than wood. Surface fouling resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, prevent slippery. The birth of the SPC super floor, marked the flooring industry to the revolutionary update, cutting-edge technology, has been widely used to schools, airports, shopping malls, household, office building, etc. Reflected in the SPC floor, from the source to eliminate formaldehyde, therefore, is a zero - formaldehyde floor.
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