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trustworthy outdoor sleeping mat pattern for Living Room

trustworthy outdoor sleeping mat pattern for Living Room

trustworthy outdoor sleeping mat pattern for Living Room
  • trustworthy outdoor sleeping mat pattern for Living Room

trustworthy outdoor sleeping mat pattern for Living Room

outdoor sleeping mat exhibits high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high strength and stability. It is IP55/56 rated and is of Class F insulation
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Youngbo camping mat is made of environmental XPE material and it has no smell with advantage of high insulation, good flexibility, light weight and high wear resistance.The egg cell shape is soft and comfortable and this shape does not change the weight of the situation and greatly increases comfort. It's the best choice for people seeking sleep-any-where, on any-thing durability and comfort.


1.This ultralight foamed plastic cushion can protect your back and knee away from the rock topography

2.When not in use, you can fold this ultralight camping pad and place it into the compact suitcase to take up less space

3.The egg nest design on its surface can not only bring a sense of comfort when you are laying on it, but also reflect the simplicity with a feeling of individuality

4.When you are outdoors, you can feel free to sit or lay on it to keep you away from the wet ground

5.Whether you are camping, hiking, traveling, backpacking, hunting, fishing, or just resting or sitting, this mini cushion can work well whenever and wherever possible

6.Both sides which are red and black can be used. And it is durable and can be used for a long time

7.This portable folding mat can be folded into the small package, so you can carry it at will to have the comfortable cushion on any occasion.

The unique design makes YOUNGBO outdoor sleeping mat more competitive in the industry. Its bearing adopts Japanese brand NSK or NTN
YOUNGBO lightweight camping mat is made of durable and high quality material but with reasonable price. Its sheet fillers or media come in many different forms and "microstructures", each with unique characteristics for specific applications
Using high-quality materials, YOUNGBO lightweight camping mat has been given an attractive appearance. It has high heat exchange efficiency and less heat dissipation blind zone
The whole production of YOUNGBO outdoor sleeping mat is completed independently in our technologically-advanced production facility. It is an outcome of the efforts of the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute, Hohai University, etc
YOUNGBO lightweight camping mat is made of premium raw materials that are sourced from trusted vendors.
The product has a long service life. Its full-shield design better helps avoid the leakage problem, which more perfectly prevents its components from damage. Its surface treatment has UV inhibitors that are resistant to sun damage
This product is noted for durability. Its outer wall contains fiber components and has excellent toughness and aging resistance. Its service life is more than 25 years
The product is safe to use. It is designed with regulations or safety mechanisms in the operation so that people and equipment are not harmed. POSCO Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminium alloy coated panels make it resistant to localized corrosion
The product features flexible configurations. It is easy to move and its reasonable size does not occupy too much working space. It has an effective dehydrator with a very low drift rate
It is hypoallergenic and anti dust mites. Allergens such as dust mites and pollen cannot enter the densely woven filaments of this product. Its cooling capacity is able to match with the actual cooling load, so as to save energy consumption
This product features high resistance to bacteria. Its hygiene materials will not allow any dirt or spills to sit and serve as a breeding site for germs. Antifreeze design is adopted to avoid frost damage
People will easily find that the construction of this product is perfect and flattering and it can stand up frequent washes. It comes with installation service by technicians with enough field experiences
People would like the fact that they don't have to worry that it will happen color fading and abrasion after a time.
I love the fabric, the design, the print, and the fit! Great quality. I have received many compliments. - One of our customers says. It has a self-healing metal coating that prevents catastrophic failure due to scratches and scratches
People will be delighted to find that this product can hold its color for several years before it starts to fade. Antifreeze design is adopted to avoid frost damage
The product allows people to remain comfortable, keeping moisture from building up and avoiding the breeding of fungus. It has an effective dehydrator with a very low drift rate
People will find that this product stands up to frequent washing and numerous times of wear, not fading or becoming dingy. Its service life is more than 25 years
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