【 The truth. PVC arch since the floor appears foaming reason?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-24
PVC floor every step of the construction is very exquisite, some people don't know the PVC floor construction way and detail, the arch since then has just completed shortly area prone to foaming, use but also affects not only beautiful, more affect service life. 1. Mortar screed-coat based dry ground requirements, moisture content is too high moisture content should be less than or equal to 3%, the floor will be closed at the grass-roots level, water vapor will dissolve the glue and loss of bond, the pressure of water vapor jacking, the floor to floor bulge. 2. Self-leveling not completely dry under normal circumstances, self-leveling generally do well 24 to 48 hours, can undertake the pavement of the floor, if the humidity is bigger, construction site and is not ventilation airtight space, must the drying time is relatively longer, or smoke wet processing, let self-leveling completely dry, moisture content is less than or equal to 3% after construction; If self-leveling is not completely dry laid floor, the floor also inevitably produces beat phenomenon. 3. Self-leveling of powder production serious self-leveling powder for many reasons, cause the ground foundation, self-leveling itself quality problems, reasons against overhydration, low temperature construction during the construction of humid climate, rainy days airtight space reasons, etc. Self-leveling appear after powder, if not taken seriously, will lead to a glue stick in the back of the floor, with self-leveling bonding will not strong, resulting in floor bulge. 4. Complementary material selection error and auxiliary materials in the construction of the floor is very important, rubber floor, linen flooring, PVC flooring, the same type of coil and floor tile, multilayer, and through the floor, the selection of auxiliary material is different; Different use place, environment and climate on the floor and auxiliary material requirement is different also. 5. Temperature problem shop floor must be to ensure the reasonable environmental temperature, general requirements temperature kept at 15 ℃, 32℃,; Be careful below 15 ℃ construction; Below 8 ℃ prohibited construction ( Except the special auxiliary materials) 。 Low temperature can reduce the strength of the self-leveling, and glue bond drops, leading to the floor bulge; If high temperature construction, self-leveling liquidity is reduced, glue accelerated curing, drying time and shorten the construction time, construction time may have passed, and even the floor behind no glue produce the bulge. No matter how good the quality of the floor, and the good is inseparable from the grassroots, construction environment, high quality auxiliary material, and good construction team. Can use other materials to make up for bad at the grassroots level construction environment is bad master to overcome, auxiliary material use, or bad, is the construction problem, difficult to guarantee the engineering quality.
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