The SPC of the lock floor five asked five industrial floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-23
A. What is the SPC lock floor? SPC lock floor is very accord with a country the development of green environmental protection concept, its main component is mixed stone powder, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a certain proportion of composite materials. Then, after plasticizing extrusion sheet, four roll calender hot compress color film adornment layer and wear-resisting layer, does not contain heavy metals with harmful substances, formaldehyde is 100% environmental protection floor without formaldehyde, is a true zero formaldehyde floor! 2. What the ground can shop is SPC lock floor? SPC lock floor when the shop installs the requirement to the grassroots is smooth, elastic. To sum up three: 1. If it is used in a new blank ground is decorated, self-leveling you need to do first, and then to the shop. Because the ground of the semifinished product easily up the sand, Directly to the shop, the sand into the lock of the floor will be in trouble) 。 2. If applicable to renovate the ground, no matter the original ground is compound floor, ceramic tile, marble, wood & hellip; … As long as it's not broken excessive, have obvious concave and convex, can be directly shop. 3. SPC lock floor when the shop installs the ground flexibility to fit, not too soft. As in the foam mat, will not be able to shop is SPC lock floor. 3. SPC lock floor shop is simple? SPC lock floor relative to wooden floor, ceramic tile, etc. , the shop is really quite simple. If it is used for household shop, the area is controlled in 100 square, diy shop, and can also spread out the ideal effect. But still have certain difficulty, shop is the first time, the shop is slow. But once the 10 - on the shop 20 pieces can basically grasp the point, the shop will greatly accelerate the speed! Four. When the shop need a dampproof mat? SPC lock floor because juncture, itself has a good waterproof performance, so there is no pavement dampproof mat is also possible. But the conditional word, also can shop. Because you can make the floor of the foot feels better, also have certain sound-absorbing noise reduction effect, dampproof mat, after all, the cost is low. Five. Why the price difference so big? Appearance, actually don't really like. Some SPC lock floor is essentially LVT floor, its cost is lower. SPC lock floor bottom is as well as the color of the cross section, reflects the material of the floor. Use the floor of the new material, it should be beige, or close to beige, feel very soft; While the use of recycled materials, the mixture will appears as a black, white, grey or white with grey. The latter cost is lower than the former.
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