The kindergarten is suitable for shop floor industrial floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-25
Kindergarten need to meet the floor of antiskid, wear resistance, waterproof, environmental protection, and other functions. Based on the above conditions, the kindergarten should use what floor? Real wood floor is excluded, because the kindergarten usually have central heating, afraid of real wood floor heating; And real wood floor is afraid of water, the hard to avoid the children sometimes sprinkle water on the floor, so the kindergarten is not suitable for the real wood floor. Solid mu fu joins a floor board and laminate flooring, glue, formaldehyde, formaldehyde is influential to people's health, and the aggrandizement floor foot feels hard, so not suitable for kindergarten. Reflected in the SPC floor from raw material to install without glue, formaldehyde-free, make the floor super healthy. In addition, it also has a super waterproof, prevent slippery, super flexible, ultra-quiet, super wear-resistant, fire prevention, high elasticity, etc. Its waterproof properties not only can adapt to the humid environment, such as toilet, kitchen, even in the water soak can normal safe use. So it is suitable for the nursery floor.
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