The hotel floor PVC floor encounter different life taste

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-29
Hotel is everybody go out in the outside temporary stop resting place, hotel decoration quality directly affects the impression of its customer, also affects the customer's mood. According to different levels of the hotel, the standards are not the same as that decorate. The general hotel is decorated with what floor? Hotel customers, because every day reception capacity is large, so the floor must be durable, if not durable change often, it would cause great waste cause cost increase. Relatively popular in the market floor, PVC plastic floor impact has good elasticity, wear resistance and scratch resistance is better than the wooden floor. Also, because the hotel accommodation is a service industry, the safety of the customer is very important, so when the hotel is decorated should consider from the aspects like material, mainly considering the fire prevention, prevent slippery, zero - formaldehyde. Because PVC lock floor was mostly composed of wear-resisting layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder and so on, material has natural flame retardant, fire prevention level B1 level up to the national standard fire prevention performance requirements. Floor base material is joined the flexible springback technology layer, has good flexibility resilience can, under the impact of the weight has good elasticity, large extent reduce the harm to human body and spread to the impact of the foot. So greatly reduce staff slip fall, heavy impact damage at the same time also has a strong elastic recovery, not cause damage. For hotel, the guesthouse, the PVC lock floor is actually a very good choice, not only reasonable price budget is very durable, good care, guaranteed quality, save the cost and can give customers a comfortable rest assured experience, the performance-to-price ratio is very high.
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