The gym is spread the floor is better?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-06
With the improvement of the quality of life, fitness craze, the fashion industry has become a way of life. Clock in the gym on a regular basis, by various people every day line, majia line refresh, six-pack abs lick the screen. Such scenes about friends everywhere. So what's the gym will be more let a person alive? To force equipment essential nature, and space design can give reasonable ground soul. Let's see the ground below is closely connected with the gym of these things. Compressive gym as public area of foot traffic, ground material needs to be deal with the heel print of crowd and other damage, the performance of the weight of the equipment at the same time also need to have good ground compressive characteristics of the collision, PVC floor have both these performance at the same time, choose to balance different direction of multi axial stress glass fiber layer, increase the toughness of the ground and stability. Wear-resisting gym functional ground material used by the requirements of the quality of a material are closely, abrasion resistance, surface smooth, convenient mobile equipment, PVC floor over both at the same time, the performance of the ground material floor capacity not only to bring a comfortable foot feeling, also can effectively sound-absorbing. Environmental fitness environment full of energy cells can stimulate the people's movement. PVC floor in building energy space at the same time, pay more attention to environmental protection and safety, all products are environmental detection. At the same time, fitness enthusiasts artificial sweat, for the ground is corrosive, which requires the ground anti-slip easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria. Function is usually the gym in the different zones, each zone has its different training value. Like power equipment area, aerobic area, equipment room, garage and dynamic entertainment and leisure zone, etc. , different area has different training professional functional requirements. PVC floor according to different ground the functional requirements of the gym, to strengthen the performance of the corresponding design.
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