The carpet pattern sheet will dominate the PVC floor by floor market?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-22
Traditional floor have been unable to meet the increasing market demand. What do you have the PVC floor? Let's look when we go with us. Through the development trend of European and American markets, we can see the future development of PVC flooring in China. In the past two years, PVC carpet cover the floor sales growth likely, especially office buildings, schools and the construction of commercial buildings and demand growth will pull the PVC carpet floor. In addition, PVC floor carpet character determines the cause of it will lead to the floor the revolution of the industry, leading the development of PVC flooring industry. South Korea's LG butterfly stone ( Carpet) The floor features: 1. Vivid natural pattern of the subway, colourful, perfect three-dimensional design effect; 2. Carpet texture, reduce the impact of the human body joint, reduce fatigue; 3. Polyurethane (pu) processing composite design, the surface layer, guarantee the polluting and abrasion resistance of the floor, make the floor cleaner to add convenience; 4. Wear-resisting layer add natural silver surface, make the floor antibacterial mouldproof; 5. Because the PVC materials do not contain the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, 100% are by far the most environmental protection floor decoration materials; 6. In order to guarantee the environmental performance of PVC floor, LG floor evaluation standard, strictly implement soluble lead and other heavy metals to avoid cause heavy metal pollution; 7. Excellent antiskid performance, even if the floor surface is water, prevent slippery effect is much better than the other floor; 8. Good dimensional stability, the floor will not crack, deformation by temperature change, mildew or moth; 9. Because the floor is lighter, reducing the bearing of the building; 10. Construction speed is quick, effective guarantee the completion of tasks of the construction, shorten the construction period; 11. Fire rating B1.
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