The advantages of PVC floor and comparison of the difference between ordinary floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-24
Waterproof PVC floor as main component is a vinyl resin, and the water affinity, so its nature is not afraid of water, as long as it's not a long-term soaking would not be damaged; And will not happen because of high humidity and mildew. Sound-absorbing noise proof PVC flooring has common ground material cannot be compared with the sound-absorbing effect, the sound absorption of 20 db, so in need a quiet environment such as the hospital ward, the school library, auditorium, cinema, etc to choose PVC floor, you don't need for high heels with ground knock noise influence your thinking and worry, PVC floor can provide you with more comfortable, more human living environment. Antibacterial properties of PVC floor surface with special antibacterial treatment, PVC floor surface also increases the antimicrobial agent, special for the vast majority of bacteria has strong killing capacity and the ability to inhibit bacterial breeding. Seamless welding seam small and special design and color of PVC sheet flooring by strict construction installation, the seams are very small, and a distance nearly invisible seams; PVC coil with seamless welding technology can achieve seamless floor, this is the ordinary floor cannot do, and therefore may obtain the integral effect of the ground and visual effects limit optimization; In higher requirements on the ground the overall effect of the environment such as the office, as well as to the sterilization demanding environment such as a hospital operating room, PVC floor is the most ideal choice. Cut and easy to use good good free cutting knife, can use the material combination of different colors at the same time, give full play to the designer's talents, to achieve the ideal decorative effect; Enough to make you the ground a work of art, make your living space into a palace of art, full of artistic breath.
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