Suitable for children of SPC plastic floor where to have sell?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-06
In the 1980 s after a young couple, they often choose to raising a child, so a child's growth environment becomes critical. How do we choose the floor for the children? A smooth wooden floor? The ceramic tile of uniform sweet? Exquisite marble? The printing of the soft carpet? PVC floor design of children room cold but many parents do not know, at present, the widespread use of PVC floor children in the kindergarten. This kind of floor has many advantages. Now that can be applied to the kindergarten, when assigned family children is also worth considering. The manufacture process of wooden floor must add formaldehyde, and marble is difficult to produce radiation. Ceramic tile is hard to let the child catch a cold, especially in winter, hot soak bone, naughty boy climbed up, the heat into the body. Some children place choose a pure wool carpet flooring, which is not of natural science. Because carpet difficult with dirt, and all kinds of chemical fibber carpet can cause the inflammation of some of the children. During the rainy season, the blanket can cause and other parasitic mite bug, it's hard to suffer from respiratory diseases in children. PVC floor ground for environment protection design PVC floor has the advantage of its low raw materials, environmental protection, no radiation, formaldehyde-free, benzene, etc. In addition, some brand floor also among raw materials such as liberal arts children added antibacterial agent. Bacteriostatic agent can inhibit escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus, the harm of child care. Antibacterial rate of more than 99%, and 2 ~ 3 times that of similar products. At the same time, also conducted a specific uv layer processing, has antibacterial, antistatic, anti-fouling, dust-free, surface cleaning, etc. It won't be any pollutant accumulation of pollution sources. Even children climb in the following, the skin contact with the ground, the parents and kindergarten teachers don't have to worry too much. In addition, PVC floor has the characteristics of non-slip, shock absorption. According to new research data, high quality PVC floor after laid in a smaller space, compared with other floor, fell down and injured down nearly 70%.
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