Stone floor price cheap quality guaranteed?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-04
PVC plastic stone floor price is generally lower than ordinary ceramic tiles and wooden floor price, by many consumers like cheap and fine. PVC floor is divided into homogeneous concentric and multi-layer composite, generally homogenous concentric price is higher, multilayer composite with low price. Some customers curious how many money a square meters, the generally cannot treat as the same. Generally speaking, the homogeneity of concentric is up and down the brick, higher raw material costs, the price is higher than multilayer complex. Also called plastic floor stone floor, different terms have different regions, and one by the name of plastic floor, rubber plates, rubber floors. Accurate term should be PVC plastic floor, because the floor is the main use of polyvinyl chloride ( Commonly known as PVC or plastic) Material processing production of ground adornment material, so the floor glue PVC floor. PVC floor according to the shape points: PVC coil floor and two kinds of PVC sheet flooring. PVC plastic floor stone to enter the Chinese market has been a period of time, in the domestic use range is becoming more and more wide, including schools, hospitals, office, factory, transportation, family, school, etc. , the price is in commonly 20 multivariate to hundreds of yuan. Buyers can according to your own application, prepare money situation to choose suitable rubber products. Here need to remind consumers that don't blindly believe in PVC floor is relatively low price products. Try to choose a reliable brand, this product more reliable, quality is more assured.
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