SPC lock floor and WPC lock floor is the main difference between?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-23
WPC and SPC lock lock floor is a kind of indoor decoration floor, all is the use of PVC materials, environmental protection is very strong, so, the SPC lock floor and WPC lock floor is the main difference between? Here are together and see it. SPC lock floor and WPC lock floor is the main difference between: : the thickness of the core is thicker than the SPC is the core of the floor of WPC floor. WPC usually about 6 - the thickness of the floor The thickness of 12 mm, and floor of SPC is usually 3. 2 - 7 mm. The foot feels: WPC vinyl on the floor of the foot feels very helpful. Compared with the SPC floor, it is the core of thicker, so I feel more stable and when walking on the cushion. The thickness also can help provide heat insulation effect to keep warm floor. Sound insulation: the thickness of WPC floor core is excellent in terms of sound insulation. The thickness of the help to absorb the sound. Therefore, when walking on the floor is very quiet. Durability: you might think that WPC floor thicker than the SPC floor, this increases the durability, but in fact the opposite. SPC floor may not thick, but more dense than the WPC floor. It can resist impact and damage caused by weight. Stability: WPC floor and SPC floor can be installed in a large room humidity and temperature fluctuations. However, when extreme temperature changes, the SPC floor tend to perform well. The higher the density of SPC floor, compared with the WPC floor, the greater its resistance to expand and contract. Price: SPC is much cheaper than the WPC floor floor. But, please do not only choose according to the price floor. Before choosing a scheme, please consider this all potential advantages and disadvantages between the two plans. 2, then, how to choose and WPC and SPC floor? ( 1) See appearance: the surface smooth, no pollution damage, no obvious discoloration, decorative pattern is clear, without damage; ( 2) See stitching: randomly selected two boards, together no height difference, no obvious gap between; ( 3) Stripping resistance: break off the floor, pulling on, not easy to separate between surface decoration layer and substrate that is about the problem of the explanation, I hope it can help you.
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