SPC floor manufacturer to tell you that the PVC floor scratch repair would you?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-31
PVC floor use after a period of time will appear Nick or beat the problem, a lot of PVC floor board after frayed can't repair, such as PVC floor surface PUR surface cannot be repair, some problems can be through the repair, the following interpretation of the PVC floor scratches to repair. Floor tile scratch repair with floor tile fixing agent repair scratches ceramic tile, use brush dips in the fixing agent in stroke scratch aperture place, besmear again 30 minutes after the stroke, repeat after drying, has always had a glance to see scratches from the side, after such treatment can make the floor tile scratches to keep clean for a long time; Deep cuts tile scratches also can use grinding machine polishing, but be careful polishing, otherwise there will be a pit or brick face greater damage, such as matt, wider scratches. Local failure repair way you need to first will need to change the floor to destroy, and then removed completely. Using tools to change the floor of the short side carved out a gap, reoccupy sawing saws will need to change the floor surface; Then take out into small pieces of the floor, but make sure not to damage the surrounding floor; Then remove the clean around the floor glue, and ensure the clean up good mortise ease of installation, if cleaning is not thorough, seam is uneven or lax. Can use a new joint small pieces on the floor at the interface sliding back and forth, find the residual glue mark and clear, to ensure that after repair of the floor is beautiful.
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