SPC floor how to maintain

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-28
Types of floor as popular on the market at present stage, the SPC floor is widely used in tooling and used in domestic outfit, although compared to the traditional advantages of real wood floor has water resistant abrasion, but in daily use process should also be maintenance, today to talk about how to maintain the SPC floor. Of SPC on SPC floor 1, how to maintain in the floor routine cleaning cannot be used when cleaning ball, knife scraping, unable to use conventional methods to clean dirt to consult relevant after-sales staff to clean again, do not use acetone, toluene and other chemicals, lest cause the damage of SPC floor. 2, SPC, the fire rating of the floor is general for the B1 level, belong to the flame retardant sex building decoration materials, but this does not mean that the SPC floor is not afraid of fire, so in daily life should pay attention to don't put the burning cigarette butts, mosquito-repellent incense, electric iron and other high temperature metal objects on the floor directly, or it will cause damage to the floor. 3, although SPC floor than real wood floor, the wear-resisting durable performance is strong, but when handling items, especially at the bottom of the metal sharp items, do not drag on the floor directly, so as not to damage the floor affect beautiful. 4, if the SPC of the floor surface, broken or damaged problems can surface clean wax for maintenance after processing, can effectively prolong the service life. 5, although the main components in SPC floor vinyl resin, no affinity to water, so water resistant waterproof properties is good, but we also want to avoid large amounts of water for a long time lag in the floor surface, because of long time of soaking water may infiltrate below the floor cost emulsion melt adhesive power, may also make the floor protection wax on the surface of the water layer causes pollution of the floor. The above analysis we can see that the SPC floor is in use process completes the detailed maintenance work, to guarantee its adornment effect, prolong service life.
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