SPC floor and wooden floor, the comparison of flax floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-26
When we buy things in daily life, often shop around. Take you to look at the mirror just below the SPC floor and wooden floor, the comparison of flax floor, believe that everyone can understand why the SPC floor finish is very popular with everyone. A, SPC floor and wooden floor is 1, appearance contrast SPC floor: texture, rich natural wood grain, synthetic wood grain, carpet lines, natural stone, artificial stone, close to the true Shi Zhen wood. Real wood floor: natural texture. Solid mu fu joins a floor board: natural texture. Aggrandizement floor: imitation natural texture. Conclusion: the appearance, and Shi Mu composite floor of real wood floor belongs to natural grain, stone floor and aggrandizement floor belong to artificial texture, but SPC stone texture is far more abundant than real wood floor, solid mu fu joins a and laminate flooring. 2, contrast material SPC floor: non-toxic tasteless, zero - formaldehyde, the foot feels comfortable; Afraid of water, fire, moisture, no water seepage, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure blow, prevent slippery. Real wood floor: non-toxic tasteless, the foot feels comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer. Fear, fear tide, water, fire hardwood, large consumption of resources, not skid. Solid mu fu joins a floor board: I don't wear, scratch resistant, environmental protection, the fear of fire, and fear, and water have taste, cannot achieve zero - formaldehyde, don't slip. Aggrandizement floor wear-resisting, resistance to scratch, have taste, cannot achieve zero - formaldehyde, afraid of fire, fear tide, water, prevent slippery. Conclusion: only wood and stone floor can avirulent without taste, only stone SPC floor can not afraid of water, fire, does not fear the tide. Scratch resistance, SPC will because of aggrandizement floor, floor on the resource usage, the SPC floor more save natural resources. Prevent slippery performance, SPC is better than that of aggrandizement floor floor. 3, price and contrast SPC floor installation: the high cost performance, affordable, the mass consumer goods; Installation does not need the keel, flat floor can be installed. Real wood floor: expensive, complex installation, need to be laid keel. Solid mu fu joins a floor board: the price is cheap, real wood keel is not required. Aggrandizement floor: cheap, do not need the keel. Conclusion: real wood floor is most expensive, SPC floor price range is wide, covering all solid wood compound, aggrandizement floor price category, medium-grade are included, does not need to keel laying, especially lock products laid more is better than that of solid wood composite and laminate flooring. 2, comparison of SPC and flax floor floor 1, composition and production process comparing SPC floor: using limestone and perlite as raw material, processing and a high density, high fiber mesh structure of solid base, surface coated with super wear-resisting layer, wear-resisting polymer PVC by hundreds of working procedure. Flax floor: using natural linen material, flax seed oil by oxidation, a mixture of cork and wood powder, pressed upon jute backing layer. Conclusion: both floor are using natural raw materials, all belong to the green environmental protection material. 2, stability, contrast the SPC floor: good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to produce apparent Nick, there is no need to use super glue, lock products do not need to glue. Flax floor: hard under the soft linen floor, so as to make the notch resistance, dimension stability, generally laid you need a strong glue. Conclusion: the SPC on stability is better than that of flax floor floor. 3, maintain easy contrast SPC floor: surface does not have a hole, don't ooze water; After joining together will not have a seam, after infected with besmirch, use cloth wipe gently, easily clean, don't leave a difficult to remove the mark, also do not need to use special maintenance product maintenance. Flax floor: need to natural light curing, samples and physical there will be a difference, to maintain the product ( PH> 7) Resistance is bad, need to polish regularly, special maintenance must be used in wax products; Surface with a hole, should be quickly with besmirch clear, or leaves it is difficult to remove the surface of the imprinting and will have to polish and wax. Conclusion: SPC is superior to flax floor floor maintenance difficulty extent. 4: contrast, degree of difficulty to install the SPC floor laid is simple, professional team day to lay an average of 100 to 120 ㎡, belong to product of waterproof, can be laid in wet room, and has no pungent smell. Flax floor: the same group a day can lay up to 60 ㎡, and when the room temperature is too low, the floor will be broken, do not belong to the waterproof products, do not apply to the damp environment, and will send out a strong pungent odor, stranded in installed in the room. Conclusion: SPC floor installation ease than flax floor. Spc floor hotline: Spc floor can be used for office, home decoration.
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