SPC environmental protection floor zero - formaldehyde protect children's health

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-30
With the advent of the summer and winter vacations, nursery center, parent-child garden, kindergartens, schools, etc for the interior decoration in the prepared ahead of time, as one of the most children contact with daily life environment, buildings with formaldehyde will cause serious damage to the child's physical and mental health. For indoor decoration, the key is the center of indoor floor, this concerns the healthy growth of children can, whether can let parents at ease, let the children happy. As one of the importance of building decoration materials, floor when the choose and buy must attach importance to environmental performance. Gb regulation, accord with environmental protection grade E1 to residential and commercial floor, but with the improvement of living standards, humans have a higher requirement for healthy life, green environmental protection, can live at ease, rest assured. SPC floor is dealing with people in daily life the product of high demand, the floor by powder and PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) Of, belonging to hard wood floor. A kind of new material, new environmental protection floor, based on high-tech developed European and American countries call this kind of floor for RVP ( Rigid plastic floor) , breaking the traditional solid mu fu joins a floor board due to glue the formaldehyde not environmental protection, so you can ensure that the product of environmental health, no pollution, make the floor like a native trees green. Widely used in school, kindergarten, preschool education centre and family. From the source control formaldehyde, give the child a health and safety of learning environment is more we need to consider.
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