SPC beast a floor can pave the kitchen floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-01
When it comes to Chinese kitchen seems to be no matter how to also can not avoid lampblack problem. Home cooking, the kitchen on the shop floor, how can stick on lampblack is clean. Actually lampblack and cleaning cleaning are two different things. If it is a big kitchen lampblack, so first we need to do is choose a suction of lampblack machine, ceramic tile, or even the kitchen lampblack will fall as well wall ground, ambry is everywhere, cleaning up more trouble. And the cleaning of the floor with no imagination in so trouble, general floor surface dust with cleaner clean first, and then put sponge or cotton mop after twist dry wipe the floor with water. In these difficult to clean up the place with oily be soiled, can dilute some floor cleaner, let mop dip in after take to mop the floor. Many people refused to the kitchen floor is another reason why there is formaldehyde, not environmental protection. Actually because real wood is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp deformation, so a lot of people think that use the kitchen is aggrandizement wood floor, but nowadays more and more people pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to formaldehyde, even if the suit won't take it, so although like but can only see the last won't use. Compound floor is more stable than real wood floor, three layers of solid mu fu joins a floor board of design and color is beautiful. Compared with the aggrandizement floor, however, its wear resistance and the price is not dominant. So sturdy also cheap aggrandizement floor is suitable for kitchen, environmental problems will still exist. On SPC chaoneng series floor layer is a layer of UV, after UV treatment of the surface is to use a method of epoxy resin for surface strengthening treatment, can have pollution and effectively absorb ultraviolet resistance, abrasion resistance, delay aging and easy to clean. The kitchen is the place that every family is the most 'hot'. Most people still prefer to use natural gas in the kitchen, gas, such as fire, and cooking oil, sesame oil, butter, and other kinds of oils and fats and belong to flammable items, so the fire retardancy and test the other elements of ground material, SPC chaoneng floor can effective flame retardant, fire rating to achieve B1 level, in self-extinguishing fire, do not produce any toxic gases. SPC chaoneng floor with XPE mute mat, sound-absorbing, noise reduction, good quality of a material soft elastic, the floor under heavy shock pressure has a good elastic recovery, has a strong impact resistance, elastic recovery is very light, will not damage, with real wood the same foot feeling. Respectively in the process of making the UV layer of the base, the wear-resisting layer, the color film, SPC disposable heating laminating, without glue, high temperature hot melt extrusion molding, do not contain formaldehyde, benzene and for environmental protection product, recycled greatly save the wood use, suitable for the sustainable development of the national policy, the benefit of society. Who says the kitchen floor? Nothing can stop us to build a better home, named new star SPC chaoneng floor, can a floor of the kitchen floor.
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