Six of the advantages of PVC elastic floor hospital

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-05
1, let your mind and body on the vision more comfortable hospital often let a person feel afraid. Relaxed and active medical environment is conducive to their physical therapy and rehabilitation. Elastic PVC floor in a variety of colors and vivid beautiful lines, which makes the base of color collocation is more distinct. Has the design feeling and vitality of the floor decoration eliminates the resistance of hospital patients, have the effect of the 'visual treatment'. 2, elasticity antiskid, sports safer hospital suffering from various diseases were gathered, easy to fell and bruised. Therefore, the hospital should be fully considered when choosing floor security protection. PVC have non-slip floor surface and the characteristics of high elasticity, more astringent, under the influence of water is not easy to slide. When the patient fell down, it can also minimize the harm of human body, scattered on the impact of the foot, walking and ensure safety. 3, durable wear makes it easier to maintain the hospital have a high request for the wear resistance of the floor. On the one hand, a stream of, the floor wear again and again. The reason from the bed of roller on the other hand, it caused great damage to the floor. Only the floor with high wear resistance can meet the needs of the hospital. PVC elastic floor has excellent abrasion resistance, including through high-tech processing the surface of the glass fiber reinforced layer and transparent wear-resisting layer, to ensure good stability, the floor size and make sure the floor deformation or damage. Excellent abrasion resistance quality can reduce the maintenance frequency, such as PVC elastic floor waxing and clean, and reduce the maintenance cost of the floor. 4, silent make the environment more beautiful in addition to the positive treatment, the patient will also need a quiet environment for our recovery. In a busy hospital, reduce noise and create a quiet atmosphere will help the patients recover. PVC elastic floor of absorption of 20 db, this greatly reduces the noise interference, the rehabilitation for patients to create a more comfortable environment. 5, the separation of bacteria make more reliable treatment hospital have relatively more bacteria and viruses. Therefore, in the construction of hospital environment, we should ensure that clean and germ-free, avoid cross infection. Elastic PVC floor surface with special antibacterial treatment, has the strong ability of resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, can effectively inhibit the hospital floor surface of bacteria and fungi, prevent the spread of microorganisms on the floor inside and outside. 6, electrostatic dissipation make less interference electrostatic instrument not only interfere with the normal operation of the medical equipment, can also lead to equipment failure or damage, affect the patient's treatment process and result. Hospital very demanding on the stability of equipment, so should not underestimate the importance of antistatic. The main body of elasticity of PVC floor is resin, is made by special processing technology. It has good anti-static function, is suitable for the hospital has a variety of equipment and important places, in order to ensure effective treatment.
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