Should I Use 30 Pound Felt Paper Under Hardwood Flooring?

by:YOUNGBO     2021-06-08

Hardwood floors can add value to your house.Although the manufacturer has made the hardwood floors easy to install, you do need to take some steps to prepare the room in order to make the installation easier.Your first task is to prepare the surface of the hardwood floor, which means deciding if you need to use felt paper under the hardwood floor.Cement, tiles or wood floors are available in most homes.Apply a layer of plastic film or film on the cement and tile floors to keep moisture.Do not use plastic moisture barrier for wood floor, as this can promote mold growth.If your room currently has carpet, you must remove it before installing hardwood floors.You can install hardwood floors directly on most other types of floors.Felt paper is mounted under hardwood floors to provide an additional moisture-proof layer and to suppress sound.If there is no padding on the hardwood board yet, you need to install it under the wood floor.Many models of hard boards have been attached to damping foam.If this is the case with your floor, you can place it directly on your plastic cloth or wood floor, or on your previous floor.If there is no foam on your hardwood board, you need to put down the damp material yourself.The National Wood Flooring Association recommends 15-pound or 30-pound asphalt-Saturated felt paper.While both products work, the installation is different depending on the paper you use.When using 15-Pound asphalt paper, spread the paper over the length of the floor, overlap the seams about 3 inch and bind them together.When using 30-Asphalt paper, you should not overlap at the seams.Instead, dock the seams together, such as 30-The pound paper is too thick to overlap.Choice of 15-or 30-You decide pound paper.Since 30-The pound paper is a little thicker and you may want to use it under the floor app upstairs, where footsteps can be heard more frequently throughout the house.
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