PVC flooring, plastic flooring, sheet and how to choose the lock?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-15
Now a lot of families, PVC floor renovation will choose laid floor, basically their tile, for health and environmental protection, a lot of people on taobao or Tmall all don't know how to choose. So hit just material today to answer this question for home outfit, suggest lock floor, because there is no glue. Two with wood and stone lock floor common, belongs to the floor of the more popular products. Wood are shaping is wood grain stone floor, general have wood/stone/carpet/iridescence series, these are pieces of wood floor, need a glue. Is also a kind of enhanced & quot; Since the adhesive series & quot; And with glue on the back. Maintenance is not easy to change. And lock PVC floor, choose from lock from glue series, maintenance is convenient. So how to identify the floor 1. 1, regular PVC floor specifications are standard, so the same thickness under the same specification gram is the sole criterion for reference, there would be subtle differences. Recycled material density change, after the second processing internal not & quot; Tight & quot; , the super SPC lock floor use is entirely on the new material. Waterproof, fire prevention, wear-resisting, zero formaldehyde. 2. Have the economic ability can also buy a piece of material, their identification, model, many years of experience, will buy real snapping off the floor, on the water, in a few days, effect stand now. If you can't wait, can only use fire to compare. After secondary processing materials, sharp taste is very heavy, for people in the factory all understand. More reflected in flooring may be consulted.
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