PVC floor xu you a green space

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-13
Before you talk about planting trees, environmental protection might as well to see a set of data: 31% of the earth's land area is covered by forest, more than 2 billion homes, livelihoods, water, energy and food sources depends on the forest, but each year about 1200 - around the world 15 million hectares of forests have been destroyed, timber logging has brought irreversible ecological damage, tropical rainforest is quickly disappearing. The tree is planted in the ground, with a green; The tree species in their heart, harvest a love; Put the tree in the blessing, a trace of warmth; PVC flooring for you would like to plant a green and healthy life! 3. Arbor Day is a day for people to interact with nature close, but work fast pace of life makes us too busy to appreciate the beauty of nature. With the worsening of human survival environment, & other; Green environmental protection has become a modern people attach too much importance to topic, big to climate warming, land desertification, haze, such as environmental problems, social problems, such as small to domestic life. When you're standing on beautiful wood floors, have you ever thought, it used to be out, lush tall trees. There is no denying the fact that wood is a good ground material. Its beautiful natural wood texture, welcome by consumer. But it come from? Wooden floor, and so did the forest logging, many merchants in order to cater to consumer preferences, improve their price advantage, illegal logging, damaging the cutting and the illegal timber trade, serious damage to the ecological balance. If everyone starts from me, select the green environmental protection, environmental protection floor without logging, whether can reduce so many businessmen to the destruction of the ecological environment, whether can do a little contribution for us to protect the ecology. Here, you have to mention the green environmental protection of PVC floor. Today, PVC floor has gradually become a new way to shop, PVC let shop location, such as workshop, mechanics fields, such as the gym more healthy, more environmentally friendly. So what is the PVC floor? Believe that most consumers for its concepts are at a loss, then talk to you about environmental protection floor & ndash; — PVC floor those things! In the 1980 s, the introduction of domestic green ground material PVC floor, developing to now has more than 30. PVC floor of the main raw material is PVC, PVC green pollution-free, does not contain any toxic chemicals, is environmental protection non-toxic renewable resources, it has a lot of use in People's Daily life, such as tableware, medical iv bags, etc. , the environmental protection is don't need to worry about. And colorful plastic floor, wear-resisting practical, not deformation, waterproof and flame retardant, wood floor in this area. At the same time, it also has wooden floor without sense of beauty and comfort. PVC floor, there is no doubt for the problems encountered in the development of urban construction, has brought new hope. In today's environmental protection concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the green reform of the flooring industry, broke the traditional habits in decorating. Environmental protection, not only is the expression of language, but also the pay of action. You, he and I are available. City become more beautiful, the ground can also do change.
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