PVC floor 'flame' is a 'no'?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-14
Many people think & other; Flame retardant is & other; Burn not, this is a myth. Today hit, just to give you knowledge popularization of flame retardant. We when buying a floor board, sometimes in order to prove that the floor is flame retardant, and get a lighter to burn PVC floor, some customers can see burning, think can't burn is flame retardant. But that is not the case, the meaning of the flame retardant is & other; Won't burn, or after leaving the fire put out on his own. State of PVC floor fire rating requirements to achieve the B1 level standard. According to the national standard non-combustible material as the fireproof grade A, such as stone, brick, etc. B1 level flame retardant standard technical connotation is 10 mm diameter cotton ball, placed on the PVC floor dipped in alcohol burning, cotton ball burn out after measuring the diameter of the traces of the burn out PVC flooring, such as less than 50 mm, is the B1 level flame retardant standard, rather than watch can burn. Reflected in PVC floor, flame retardant effect is very good yo, is trustworthy floor.
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