Plastic floor SPC can reduce what is the cause of the child is sick

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-06
Plastic floor why kindergarten can reduce child is sick? Kindergarten plastic floor is seamless installation, it's cut off bacteria growth space, very suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly life shop is installed in the indoor environment. In addition, the kindergarten plastic floor in both the production and installation process, do not use formaldehyde, it is to eliminate the because floor formaldehyde to release excess memory blood disease in children. Any decoration cannot leave the ground treatment, in addition to the widespread concern of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds of the floor standards must conform to the national standard is the floor of the qualified. Organic compound standard will is contributing to the body's respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system. Such as benzene series is not up to standard, not only cause nervous system disorders, if enters the body, can damage the blood and blood-forming organs, leading to the disease, sepsis, and even cancer. Children's height is limited, and defense ability of the immune system in the obvious than adults, if not enough environmental protection material, like floor home outfit that child would not suffer the harm, and that is why more than ninety percent of children suffering from leukemia, is had to decorate the new home. Chongqing kindergarten plastic floor in addition, the safety of the children and also reflect on the unique security design. As chongqing kindergarten plastic floor is a very good product. Children naturally love jump run, accidentally hitting touching are common. Parents, teachers, in order to avoid the children something unexpected happens, very anxious to eyes often sticks in children, but this effect, not only not good children also feel uncomfortable.
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