New floor spread stick! Waterproof and cheap!

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-02
What is the floor kitchen? Not afraid of fat? Laid floor in the kitchen, actually quite common in European and American families, they are using a new type of PVC floor, as early as a few years ago, people in the office and home use this kind of floor, this kind of floor is the most famous three now: LVT floor, SPC, WPC floor by floor, then we will introduce for you, as far as possible do not use jargon, easy to understand. LVT, SPC, WPC floor is what want to say clear LVT, SPC, WPC floor what in the world, from the PVC floor. Is such like PVC floor: is very popular in the world today is a new type of light body floor, also known as the 'light body' ground material. Is a kind of Europe and the United States and Asia, Japan and South Korea's popular products, popular in foreign countries, from the early 80 s began to enter the Chinese market, in the domestic large and medium-sized cities has gained widespread recognition, use a very wide range, such as family, hospital, school, office building, factory, public places, supermarkets, commercial and other places. 'PVC floor' is refers to using PVC material production floor. Concrete is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring and other auxiliary materials, on the sheet for base material, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process and related national standards GB/T11982 - 2015. So-called PVC floor, commonly known as the plastic floor, this is a broad categories, all using PVC as raw materials produced in the floor, can be called PVC floor, roughly LVT, SPC, WPC, these new floor also is belong to the category of PVC floor, actually they just add the different of other materials, and then formed the individual child categories. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of white powder, it in manufacturing, is now listed on fresh bamboo shoots in the kitchen, you can use it to make it: braised bamboo shoots, fresh bamboo shoots of burning flesh, pickled Benedict and many other delicious food. Below is the structure of the PVC floor is roughly. PVC floor of the main components including PVC powder, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, carbon black. These materials are very widely used industrial raw materials, the environmental safety of them have been verification for many years. A little chemical common sense knows that, there are many kinds of plasticizer, some of the plasticizer is non-toxic, even those a bit toxic plasticizer, most of the need to continue to eat, and need to stick to constantly eating, will cause harm to the body. However, I haven't heard of anybody who use PVC floor as biscuits. I hope don't scare you jump, you every day with plastic wrap to contain a large amount of plasticizer, spent so many years, as if also safe and sound. Elastic bend and LVT LVT floor by floor, but the soft flexible floor, professional expressed as 'semi-rigid piece of plastic flooring', they can even bending rolls, LVT floor market retail price from a few yuan to two hundred yuan between, before it is mainly used for tooling project is more, because it requires to floor is higher, need professional person to laying, so from cost to consider, usually only suitable for large area laying. Of course, for the flatness requirement is not high rental room or office, this kind of floor is nice and affordable. LVT floor recognized advantages are: low price, environmental protection, wear-resisting, good elastic impact resistant, waterproof and flame retardant, waterproof and moistureproof, maintenance is convenient. This kind of floor is laid in schools, kindergartens, recreation room, the children in the family room also has use. Level is high in appearance, sturdy SPC Stone floor plactic composite, belongs to hard plastic floor, can bend, but and LVT floor, many less curvature. The common name of it called crystal floor, Hong Kong and Taiwan region known as the stone floor, or plastic stone floor, in addition to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia is one of the most use of SPC floor, because it not only appearance, but high levels, and excellent waterproof performance, lower than the cost of the brick floor tile, more save lay time. The advantages of it a lot, such as high environmental protection; Waterproof moisture-proof; Residence inside; High fire; Sound-absorbing effect is good; Will not crack, not deformation, not heat bilges cold shrink; The price is not high; Installation is convenient; Does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, harmful material such as phthalates, methanol. The disadvantage of SPC is denser heavier, transportation cost is higher; Thickness is thin, so on the surface roughness have certain requirements. Experience with the best WPC floor WPC floor, belong to half a sheet of rigid plastic floor, commonly known as wood plastic floor, because early WPC floor added wood powder, so called wood plastic floor. In simple terms, it is composed of LVT and WPC layer, the foot feels comfortable and sound absorption effect is very outstanding, if be added cork layer or EVA, someone says its foot feeling and real wood floor is almost no difference. From the perspective of the comfort of WPC is one of the most close to the traditional real wood floor of PVC floor, industry people call it the floor of the 'gold', it's the market retail price, usually in - 200 per square meter - - - - - - - - - - - - 400 yuan between, its environmental performance is outstanding, LVT, SPC, floor by floor, all have the features that are characteristic of it, all through 144 test indicators, and its installation requirements and compound floor, the installation is very convenient and very suitable for DIY. The defects of WPC can't be recycling reuse, the price is higher than that of LVT floor, and SPC floor. Make out of WPC floor, wall, used for outdoor floor is also a lot. You might be used, why didn't hear the three floor LVT, SPC, these new WPC floor, actually already exist in many of our work and life. We may often step on them, but without knowing. For ordinary consumers, usually more than ten years to decorate a house, if not to decorate a house, who have found time to care about the floor? The three new floor, that's exactly what was more than ten years of rapid development, let alone the common decorate owner, even decorate many practitioners, or have never heard of, or don't know the difference between the three. Designers and construction personnel for the selection of new materials, has always been a relatively cautious, to owner tried to introduce and recommend a kind of very strange environmental protection floor, not only may incur, suspected sell kickbacks, and use the result how, designers and construction personnel oneself the in the mind is not a bottom, anyway, that's a lot of ground material, why going to introduce the owner to recommend? A few years ago LVT, SPC, a manufacturer of WPC floor, also not how much to ordinary consumers to promote their products. Because a lot of orders, engineering order these factories abroad, they are not worried about the product sales. Domestic many do single, engineering plant, such as the Shanghai grand dragon Ming, science and technology, tianjin, wuxi, zhejiang, such as the sea, and nearly 2, 3 years, many foreign brands contract, since the poison floor event, the wave of a trade war with China, Europe and the United States procurement, under the influence of unstable factors such as localization gradually pay attention to the commercial and civil retail market. But now in focus or focus on 'zero - formaldehyde and waterproof', these two aspects than the traditional floor enterprise marketing level, the new floor manufacturer is much less obviously. Chinese factories there are plenty of LVT, SPC, WPC floor technology and production capacity, to know the Europe and the United States to import the quality requirement of the floor is very high, testing if found quality problem, claim amount is staggering. If use the same quality standards, the use of new materials rather than recycling materials production products sold in China, then LVT, SPC, WPC floor is completely safe. Introduce, by the way, the European building materials supermarket breed of PVC floor is very much, from each square more than a dozen European to dozens of Europe. Real wood floor, some europeans play is called 'aristocratic' floor, not only expensive, dare not casual, installation and maintenance is expensive in the future, so many families are all kinds of PVC floor of choose and buy. LVT, SPC, WPC, who will be the most popular in recent years, LVT, SPC, WPC flooring industry developing quickly, export data from the customs, as well as domestic sales of the three kinds of floor Numbers, have proved that the future trend of the new floor, but they would stand out, the most favored by domestic consumers, that is to say.
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